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Luca character profile
name: Luca Smith
Age: 28
Height: 6'2
Luca is a knight and was raised to be a royal knight like his father. He has often been the body guard for Malena but she would often run off when she could. he didn't worry too much as she could typically scare off any would be assailants with her magic. but it was he that had found her in the cave unable to move her legs after her wish.
While he has the trademark stoicness of a knight he is well educated and spends his spare time reading books.
His father is a blacksmith and he learned a bit of the trade, making his own armour and sword with his fathers help.
He does not seek challenge like the others of his profession but will always be the first to jump to someones defense
:iconargol:Argol 3 2
Argol profile
Name: Argol Vazin
Age: 18
due to the assassination of his mother when he was a baby. the attack on the castle had been chaotic and he had been lost in the scamble to get the siblings to safety. Presumed dead he grew up with a foster family that took him in, they thinking his parents had just been murdered before their eyes.
His foster father, a former thief turned Tavern owner raised Argol to be a thief and taught him the tricks and pitfalls.
Argol is a laid back guy, always ready to have a laugh or join in on some fun. Thanks to his training though he has developed a clever mind and assesses things tactically and always likes to stay two steps ahead.
He has an aversion to bloodshed, and while he will do it if need be he will never actively seek to kill another human or humanoid.
He fights with two short swords and uses agility and cunning to get him through fights.
He discovered his real family when he was still a teenager and while he continues to care for his foster family. He has b
:iconargol:Argol 3 0
Quick Profile for Malena
Name: Malena Vazin
Age: 18
Malena is the Princess of Azra, She is a battle Mage. a mage that has learned to channel their elemental magic through Martial arts to deliver magic powered blows. Her specialty is Fire and Air magic allowing her to throw fireballs and strike with lightning.
She has a strong independent personality, rather stubborn and tends to act first making her wild and stubborn. However she is very kind and she hides her wild nature from the people of her kingdom.
She has an unusual curse she recived when she was younger. Due to the deed of rescuing a Fairy she was granted a wish. but the fairy was bitter and ashamed. Malena had just recently started wearing high heels but still lost her balance so she made a simple wish "I wish I could move perfectly as long as I wear my pretty high heels" She uttered. The fairy grinned and granted the wish, ensuring malena would no longer walk unless wearing such shoes
She loves to explore and discover new things and has made it her ho
:iconargol:Argol 5 0
Shadow Rain Profile
Designation: ShadowRain
Human version of her for the fun of it. It is also more closer to an updated look
Alt Mode:
Two short laser wakizashi (or Ninjato) on the back of her hips.
Both hands can become Mega busters.
A Bo Staff with Laser Glaive head when needed.
Rail gun, A sniper rifle.
explosive Shuriken
Prox mines
Detonation explosives/ detonator (C4)
Universe: never really considered. I would say she is close to the War of/Fall of games which if I understand is close to Prime.
Primary Class Function: Cyber Ninja
Secondary Class Function:
Subroutine Function: Infiltration and theivery
Personality: snarky Introvert, She sh
:iconargol:Argol 1 4
Shadow Rain Datapad
Designation: Shadow Rain
Class: Cyber Ninja
Pit Slag (1.1)
Battle Stars:
INT: :star::star::star:
STR: :star::star:
SPE: :star::star::star::star:
DEF: :star:[Star!][Star!]
DEFx2 (she is very evasive.)
:iconargol:Argol 1 0
other functions by Argol other functions :iconargol:Argol 1 0 concepts: Shield and helicopter rotor by Argol concepts: Shield and helicopter rotor :iconargol:Argol 2 0 Concept: Japanese Umbrella great weapon by Argol Concept: Japanese Umbrella great weapon :iconargol:Argol 1 0


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Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: XP
Shell of choice: ummm blue spiney shell ???
Favourite cartoon character: Rock lee, Stuie griffin, Waspinator, grimlock.
Personal Quote: Never tell a gamer it is just a game. to them it is a life or game over situation.


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